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The 12 Critical Factors of Retirement 

Guiding your way through

Stepping your way through the 12 Critical Factors helps you to pull together the different facets of your retirement thinking.  It helps you to see what is going on today, and how the future may affect you.  Taking time to think these factors through will help to give you peace of mind in your own decision making. 

The Retirement Practice Coaching Future Planning

The Environmental Factors

We need to begin by looking at the environment in which we are looking to retire.  

We can call these the 'macro factors'.  They are the elements that we simply cannot control, yet just like the weather we can 'be prepared'!  

Your Personal Factors

In our second step, we can have a look at your own situation and think about how this might impact the decisions you need to make. Whilst we need to look at factual questions, like your age, we also need to think about some more subjective questions such as your health. 

Your Lifestyle Factors

This third section is less easy, and something that our coaching process might help with.  


Never the less we need to think about what lifestyle you aim to follow in the future.  Will you think about working?  What about holidays?  What's your typical budget, and how do you spend money in your household?  

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