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Private Client Coaching

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Our Private Client Service offers you one to one support designed around  your specific needs.  

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Deciding to move on from your current working life into your next phase is likely to be one of the biggest decisions, and changes that you will ever make. Our specialist coaching support is here to help you.


The change process can be full of stress and strain which can make this a tough period to get through.  However, we believe that with some time to think things through and some simple planning, we can help you to make the next stage of life to be fulfilling and strong.


You might be arriving at this point, fully prepared with everything running to plan, however, the change may also have been forced, especially if you’ve been made redundant, or suffered ill health. More often, perhaps we are unexpected guests, looking for a solution to the years ahead.


The reality of working life today for the employee is that your business cannot typically ask you to retire. This would be age discrimination. So the decision is yours, and we know that most of us are not so good at making life changing decisions all by ourselves. It can be easier to leave work when someone tells you your time is up, even if this is upsetting. We seek to help you through this process, and make the decisions that are right for you, your family and your household.


Many people are also self-employed or run their own businesses, and an old adage says ‘self-employed, people never retire, they just work less’.  The switch from working life to a more leisurable life might be hard to rationalise, and we aim to help find the pathways to make this a success.


Despite our business name as your retirement partner, we try not to use the word retirement too much. We prefer to talk about your second life, or your next phase. So many people now see retirement as a time that is a long way off, and a time when we may not be able to do as much as we might like. The data is quite clear in the UK with an average 65-year-old living for nearly another 22 years for men and 25 years for women. Whatever age we are, it is difficult to see so far ahead, so we like to think in time horizons which is a model that we will explain to you.


When you make this decision, we suggest there are two sides to the equation. We often talk about, ‘on the left-hand we have our finances’, and ‘on the right hand, we have our life’. We encourage talking to a financial advisor or at least taking some guidance along the way. Indeed advancements in technology can actually now allow you to self-serve, and allow very clever systems to analyse your situation and give you some recommendations.  Reaching financial security in life is a great achievement.   Having a clear picture of your future is the next. 


We offer two simple ways to engage. Both options follow and initial chemistry meeting that we offer at our expense. This allows you to meet one of our coaches, and understand the processes that we may follow. The first option is to take coaching sessions ‘one at a time’ and to go at your own pace. The second option is to follow a short program that we suggest will typically take six months, and we work at your pace.


Before you engage in coaching, you’re very welcome to simply, follow our blogs and guided thinking processes if you would like to register, please use the form below.


We look forward to working with you

Thank you for your enquiry

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