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Research Projects

Exploring the experience of transition and, the attitudes and needs of consumers. 

Moving on from work 

Are you approaching retirement or have recently retired? We invite you to be a part of our ground-breaking research project exploring the diverse experiences individuals encounter during the transition from work to retirement.

At The Retirement Practice, we recognise that everyone's journey into retirement is unique, presenting a myriad of challenges and triumphs. We are eager to gain valuable insights into these personal narratives to better understand the multifaceted aspects of retirement transitions.

By participating in this study, you'll contribute to the development of strategies and resources that can enhance the retirement experience for individuals worldwide. Share your story, reflect on your challenges, and help shape the future of retirement transitions.

Join us in un-ravelling the complexities of this significant life phase. Your perspective matters! Sign up now to be part of this enlightening research journey. Together, let's pave the way for smoother and more fulfilling retirements!

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