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'It seems like people have stopped listening to each other especially when they have very different opinions. 

We might talk at each other for a little while, but not really listen with interest and respect. I believe this is something we ought to be doing more, and I need to practice! 

What I would like to do, if you are willing, is to interview you for an hour or so, with no purpose other than to understand better your own perspectives. 

My intention is to listen to you without interrupting, agreeing, or disagreeing, just to understand your own experiences, values, and what matters to you. 

I may ask a few questions but mostly I do my best to listen well. I'll tell you what I understood and then you can tell me how I did.'


Are you willing to help?   


We are really keen to hear your views, and experience of 'retirement', and your views on the journey and process.  Thank you so much in advance.  

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