Retirement Transition Coaching 

When you are close to making possibly the biggest change in your life, our coaching will support you.

The process can be full of stress and strain which makes the time tough to get through and the memories not so great. Yet with some planning and support the 'next stage' of life can be fulfilling and strong. 


Your approach to transition may be forced and abrupt, especially if you have been made redundant.  Even when it is planned, the process in the UK can be difficult, as most employers cannot tell you when to retire -rather you have to resign!   Perhaps no more celebration and gold carriage clock.   The start of your 'next stage' could be full of grief, regret, and possibly anger.  Working with a transition coach can ease this process and help you to create a positive future, which meets your needs and desire. 

A transition coach will work with you to help you think, and make decisions, and create the best future for you.

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